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The Team
Behind iSpaRo

Conference Board
Scientific & Industrial Committee
  • Prof. Kathleen C. Howell (F), Purdue University, USA

  • Prof. Kazuya Yoshida (M), Tohoku University, Japan

  • Dr. Vandi Verma (F), NASA JPL, USA

  • Dr. Hendrik Kolvenbach (M), ETH Zurich, Switzerland

  • Dr. Barbara Imhof (F), LIQUIFER Systems Group, Austria

  • Dr. Armin Wedler (M), German Space Center (DLR), Germany

  • Dr. Caroline Specht (F), German Space Agency (DLR), Germany

  • Prof. Simone D'Amico (M), Stanford University, USA

  • Dr. Sofía Coloma (F), University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Dr. Navinda Kottege (M), Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group (CSIRO), Australia

  • Ms. Irene Selvanathan (F), Neurospace Gmbh, Germany

  • Dr. Uland Y. Wong (M), NASA Ames Research Center, United States of America

  • Monica Ekal (F), German Space Center (DLR), Germany

  • Jaroslaw Jaworski (M), Managing Director, RedWire Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Dr. Martin Azkarate (M), European Space Agency (ESA), Europe

  • Dr. Gunter Just (M), European Space Agency (ESA), Europe

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